Shop – purchasing our models,  sculptures, and images

Shop (in German)

If you are based in Germany, you may purchase our glass objects via our own math in glass online shop:

Similarly, if you are a mathematician staying at a German university or the Oberwolfach math institute, feel free to use this online shop if you read German.

Otherwise, if you are interested in our glass objects, simply write an e-mail and tell us what you are looking for.

Other Shops and Catalogues

The most comfortable way to browse our math objects is via our new online catalogue on

Our Sculptures can be purchased online, the Laser-In-Glass Objects and printed Images are availble on request:

  • Sculpture Shop: The sculptures are available from our online shop on our producer’s website: As indicated above, there is a new more comfortable way to browse our objects: via our new website
  • Laser-In-Glass: Our laser-in-glass models are available on request. Just send an e-mail to tell us which glass objects you want: We will get back to you as soon as possible with detailed information on the prices, including shipping date and shipping costs.
  • Images: All our images are freely available for download from here and may be used for non-commercial purposes for free when citing Most of these are also available as high quality prints. We have not included those in our website yet, so please, send an e-mail if you are interested in print-outs of our images: