Part of our sculpture work is available online at our website; with background information and comfortable search options, with direct links to purchase the objects. Alternatively, go directly to our Sculpture Shop at, although it is not as comfortable to browse.

Math sculptures form an essential part of mathematics at least since the early 1800s. Particularily famous became several series of plaster models of different kinds of mathematical surfaces. Most of these originate in France, Germany, or England:

MO-Labs’s sculptures include modern versions of several of these classics as well as new math models. Some of these are available through our shop on our producer’s website: Our portfolio starts with tiny objects of just 7 centimeters (3 inches) height up to larger ones of 30 centimeters (12 inches) height.

One of the interesting features of our new math sculptures is that they only consist of a thin wall (the actual mathematical surface is infinitely thin). In this way, our sculptures a much better approximation to the abstract mathematical surface than the historical ones. This has the advantage that several properties which could not be visualized using the old models, can now be shown. Moreover, the modern 3d-printing process produces much more accurate objects than the old hand-craft methods.

Feel free to contact us if you cannot find a particular model in which you are interested, and we will do our best to realize it.