This is a photo of our Clebsch Diagonal Cubic Surface in colored Plastic in 15cm (6in), shot during the exhibition of mathematical models at the NWD 2016 in the Netherlands. Before being colored, the 3d-print gets polished resulting in a wonderful smooth finish.
The light on the image is not perfect, so you may prefer to have a look at the computer-generated images by following the “buy now” link:

The Clebsch Diagonal Surface is probably THE most famous mathematical model in history; its plaster version was made for the first time in 1872 and presented to the academy at Göttingen, Germany. Still nowadays, most math model collections in the world contain the diagonal surface. Among its aesthetics, it is famous for the fact that this curved surface contains exactly 27 lines, and all were visible in the model (as in our modern variant).

We have many other variants of the Clebsch diagonal cubic such as: (a) only the lines, (b) in metal (c) tiny and cheap () … Just contact us if you don’t find a thing you want in our shop. A few more are shown below: