Constant Curvature Models

We are excited about this latest extension of our collection of mathematical models: models of surfaces of constant gaussian curvature.

The shape of Constant Gaussian Curvature surfaces is fascinating not only to mathematicians; the visual appeal strikes everybody.

The MO-Labs collection contains most classical constant gaussian curvature surfaces, including the surfaces of revolution with this property, but also modern versions of several other 100 year-old classics such as the Kuen surfaces and the Dini surfaces. If you are missing a model, just contact us, and we will produce the needed data as soon as possible.

As with many of our MO-Labs models, we made our constant gaussian curvature objects available at different sizes to make be able to provide low-priced versions as well as larger variants.

Some of our constant curvature models from our shop at one of our producer’s website, Shapeways. Clicking on one of the objects brings you directly there:

The smaller models are also available in beautiful colors such as the one shown above.